Seven: Executive Protection Services, Inc. is a southern California based executive and corporate protection Services Company. Seven’s founders and management team are senior-level professionals who have spent years in Police, law enforcement, the U.S. Marines, U.S, Army and corporate security.

Seven provides plain clothes armed executive protection agents as well as armed escort service and commercial security details. To provide the highest level of service for our clients, Seven’s employees undergo an extensive background check incorporated with a rigorous training program that exceeds the requirements mandated by California state law. Our staff has been trained by Blackwater Worldwide, TFTT of Southern California, the U.S. Military, and the Los Angles Sheriff’s Department.

We also offer bilingual personnel. Seven’s proactive approach to security enables us to foresee and avoid negative situations to our principals or clients. Seven believes communication is the key to continued excellent service. Seven understands the importance of consistently improving and looking for better ways to conduct its daily duties.

Seven works with our customers to create a customized security program which is reviewed and approved by our clients prior to implementation. A weekly review of the security program is conducted to identify and continually meet our client’s expectations and requirements.

Finally, each Security Detail is evaluated quarterly based on the following review process:
• Identifying Client Expectations
• Translating Client Expectations into Detail Orders
• Establishing Performance Standards
• Feedback to the Client Seven’s goal is to develop a strategic partnership with each client. We are highly committed to each client’s security needs.